Friday, April 29, 2011

Set your desktop backgrounds ideally choosing from celebrity wallpapers

When you get started with your PC or laptop the first thing that flashes on the screen adds visual interest to the desktop. . Celebrities interest us all, may it be from the sports field or from the tinsel town. Celebrity wallpapers catch the fancy of many and it is always pleasing to have a picture of your favorite celebrity right before your eyes. Celebrity wallpaper is the best way to adorn your desktop.

Your computer desktop is the most visible feature since it displays all the icons that give you further access into the various applications of the computer.. It is the default display of your computer when you do not use the computer applications. Thus, the desktop wallpaper should be customized in a manner that interests you and gives visibility to the various icons displayed on the desktop. Make various wallpapers and keep switching between them as per your choice

You will need a high resolution digital image and an image editing software to get the desired effect. There are various free sites providing celebrity pictures and wallpapers. These pictures keep on changing and you can update your desktop with new flashes.

There are different choices and sections available on the sites that have absolutely free access. They are based on the celebrities or based on different themes. The best way is to search for the celebrity you would love to see frequently. Choose the best wallpaper that catches your eye and save it on your desktop.

There are special sites for female celebrity wallpapers. You will be amazed at the variety and it will be an endless list.

These sites even have links that provide information about the celebrity’s life and the latest gossip. If you are eager to know more about your favorite celebrities just click on the links. Some celebrity wallpaper sites will not only have pictures but exclusive pictures accompanied with the news. The picture will speak about the news, thus it is an information site too. For example if you are looking for Britney Spears pictures to be set on your desktop. There will be a certain event or news about her. The latest news was that she broke Taylor Swift’s record. She sold around 411,000 digital copies, and broke the first week record for a female solo singer. Taylor’s record was for her album “Today was a fairytale” which sold 325,000 copies.

This kind of interesting information keeps you abreast of the new happenings in the life of your favorite celebrity. This is more interesting than just having wallpapers. So when you browse through such sites you read information accompanied with the visual delight.

There are various wallpapers that are posters or stills from movies for example a still from the movie Casino Royale. There will be pictures captured during award ceremonies like the Oscars or Grammy Awards. There are even better options like wallpapers in the form of paintings of your favorite celebrity.

To start to set your desktop background click on the wallpaper of the celebrity you like. Right click on the image. Select the option ‘Set as background’ and the wallpaper will instantly get set on your desktop.

You never know which celebrity might catch your fancy and attention so keep browsing and saving them in your computer.

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